Teatime with Me, Myself and I


 演出簡介 Introduction




Digital Arts Award nomination at Bains Numériques 2016first Asian troupe to be honored by the French festival.

World-tour featured performances in Taiwan, China, Denmark, Korea, and France in a total of 10 cities.

Participating under special invitation of the Taikang Cultural Center.

玩手機或者被手機玩?That’s a question!


Are we playing on our phones, or being played by our phones? That’s a question!    

Our best friend is not another person, but the smart phones that sit in our hands every day. They accompany us wherever we go; they know our secrets and are intimately familiar with our various looks and appearances. Often, they know us better than our loved ones, and they will never betray us. Teatime with Me, Myself and I once again subverts expectations and redefines the role of multimedia in theatre. Home electronics play a role that feels close to home, one filled with warmth and romance. The phones and tablets that we hold in our hands will accompany us during the performance, chatting with us on Facebook and joining us for a cup of afternoon tea. With a button or shake, they transform into a camera, their intelligent eye capturing scenes from modern day life to weave together a visual poem starring us all.  ​


 製作團隊 Production Team

狠劇場由影像及劇場導演周東彥所創立,致力多媒體劇場展演,為同時具有劇場創作及影像製作雙重專業的跨界團隊。曾以《空的記憶》獲得2013年世界劇場設計大展(World Stage Design)「互動與新媒體」金獎,而多媒體設計作品《關於島嶼》(雲門舞集作品)則獲2018年英國光明騎士「劇場投影設計」大獎。狠劇場作品聚焦於當代生活,整合最新數位技術,創造出虛實交替的敘事空間。2020受高雄電影館之邀,以8K影像技術創作全新VR作品。近期重要作品包括:受邀至2018奧地利林茲電子藝術節、2019丹麥點擊藝術節及哥本哈根劇場藝術節演出的《光年紀事:臺北─哥本哈根》;2020於澳洲亞太表演藝術三年展首演,與澳洲即行劇場共製的《虛擬親密》;以及與荷蘭瓦克團隊合作,即將於北方太陽藝術節首演的《城市之臉》等。

Very Theatre  

 Funded by theatre and media artist Chou Tung-yen with the resource of it's partner company- Very Mainstream Studio. Very Theatre is a Taiwanese multi-artform organization, creating performance, video art, and exhibitions, funded through the resources of its partner company Very Mainstream Studio. Very Theatre takes new media as its core and focuses on creating interdisciplinary works with a strong emphasis on narrative and text, which strive to envision new ways of seeing and experiencing performances. Very Theatre has won multiple awards and performed throughout Europe and Asia.    Very Theatre takes new media as core and focuses on creating interdisciplinary works with strong emphasis of narrative and text which strive to envision new ways of seeing and performance experience.  ​




Director / Multimedia Design|CHOU Tung-Yen


Actor|Daniel Wang, Inred LIANG


Stage Design|CHENG Hsuan Hsun


Lighting Design|CHUANG Chih-Heng


Music Design|LU Luming


Multimedia Associate|CHEN Ping-Chen


Video Design|HUANG Wei-Hsuan


Video|SUN Yu-Ning


Stage Manager|TSAI Chuan-Ren


Producer|WU Chi-Chuan


Company Manager|CHUANG Chih-Chung

注意事項 Notice



*To protect yourself and others against the spread of COVID-19, please wear a mask during the performance and maintain social distancing. Also please cooperate with all epidemic prevention measures inside the performance area.  ​